Remco Grol

Actor, Model

About me

Remco Grol is an actor and model from the Netherlands.

In addition to his acting and modeling work, Remco is also a personal trainer through and through and has also successfully completed a physiotherapy course.

After working as a personal trainer and physiotherapist for a number of years, he wanted to completely change course and started a camera acting course. Then the ball started rolling. Remco can also be seen in various commercials, including a role in Sleepers.

Remco always follows his dream and is working hard as an actor/model. He is a go-getter and does not give up easily and those are great qualities for this profession, because passion is not enough to produce good work; perseverance is equally important.


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Known from:


  • Goede tijden slechte tijden (RTL 4):
    as Finn Wolters.
  • De Makelaar (name of producer):
    as Rick.
  • De buurtpolitie (VTM):
    as Kristof Pallemans.


  • Sleepers (Videoland):
    as Michaelt.
  • De Joodse Raad (NPO):
    as jongste zoont.


  • Move Your style :
    as model.
  • FIBO :
    as model.
  • Beastfull :
    as model.




Contact person: Hinde Rachi
Telephone: 06 40723003

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