Actor Management

FD Agency offers professional actor management for talented artists. Our dedicated experts help actors boost their careers through expert advice, targeted strategies and valuable connections in the entertainment industry.

Starting point

What is my starting point? What are the principles?

Brand values

When you start working on marketing and PR activities, it is easier to approach it from the ‘brand idea’

Target audiences

A target audience the specific group of people you want to reach with your marketing message


What do you want to communicate to your target group and stakeholders?


How will you achieve your objectives? Even more practically, what are you going to do to get from A to B?

Management services

At FD Agency we understand better than anyone that every actor has a unique talent and potential that needs to be discovered and developed. That’s why we go beyond just standard management services; we strive to gain an in-depth understanding of each client’s specific needs and goals. Our dedicated team of experts strive to create strategies that are perfectly tailored to the unique skills and ambitions of each actor we represent.

Whether you are looking for advice on suitable auditions, help developing your acting skills, or guidance in negotiating complex contracts, FD Agency is always by your side. We believe in the power of close collaboration and transparent communication. Our actors are not only seen as clients, but as valuable partners in their own success story.

We work with young and talented actors

At FD Agency, collaborations with emerging acting talents are central to the actor management service. By keeping a keen eye on promising newcomers and supporting them in their development, FD Agency strives to represent a diverse and dynamic group of actors. The process begins with careful talent identification, focusing on not only traditional qualifications, but also unique skills and personalities that contribute to the artistic diversity within the FD Agency stable.

Once on board, FD Agency works closely with emerging talents to refine their skills, expose them to valuable opportunities and guide them as they start their professional careers. This collaboration goes beyond just business considerations; it also includes mentoring relationships and encouraging a supportive community within the FD Agency family.

Our clients

Our approach for actors

Our approach to actor management is deeply rooted in the values ​​of transparency, integrity and an unwavering passion for the profession. At FD Agency we believe that a solid foundation of trust and openness is essential for successful collaboration between managers and actors. Through honest communication and clear goals, we ensure our actors fully understand the steps we are taking to advance their careers.

Integrity is central to everything we do. We always act in the best interests of our actors, with fairness and ethics as our guiding principles. Our commitment to integrity means we are transparent about all aspects of the management process, including contract negotiations, auditions and strategic decision-making. This way our actors can look ahead with confidence and continue their creative journey.

Career Planning and Realization at FD Agency

At FD Agency we view actors not only as talented individuals, but as partners in a shared journey towards artistic success. Our approach to career planning is infused with proactive strategies to not only achieve short-term goals, but also build sustainable and fulfilling careers. We emphasize close collaboration and constant communication to understand and support each actor’s unique goals and ambitions.

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of our actors’ artistic and professional aspirations. We then create tailor-made career plans that focus not only on current opportunities, but also on future potential. FD Agency serves as a guide, navigating the dynamic entertainment industry, providing insights, resources and opportunities that fuel the growth of our actors.

Our approach goes beyond traditional management; it is a partnership that strives to realize artistic dreams and build a lasting legacy in the world of entertainment. At FD Agency, career planning is not just a process, but a shared journey towards realizing the full potential of every actor we represent.

Frequently asked questions about actor management

What exactly does an actor manager do?

An actor manager acts as an actor’s representative and helps manage their career. This includes seeking out auditions, negotiating contracts, and strategic career planning.

How can FD Agency help me as a starting actor?

At FD Agency we have experience in guiding both novice and experienced actors. We provide guidance to help you find the right opportunities and build your career.

What makes FD Agency different from other actor management agencies?

At FD Agency we go further than just managing careers. We offer personal attention, genuine commitment and a dedicated team focused on supporting you every step of your journey as an actor.

How can I register with FD Agency for actor management?

Registering with FD Agency is easy. Contact us via the contact form on our website and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible for an introductory meeting.

What success stories does FD Agency have with previous actors?

At FD Agency we are proud of the successes of our actors. We’ve helped actors land roles in films, TV shows and theater productions. Discover some of our actors on our website to gain a better insight into what we can do for you.

At FD Agency we are passionate about helping actors achieve their dreams. Contact us and discover how we can boost your acting career.