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FD AGENCY, part of HOUSE OF ARD, has been offering excellent management for actors, singers, writers and social media influencers (m/f) since 2023. It also functions as a production company. This unique combination ensures that actors working in the theatre, film and television industry not only receive the reliable representation and support they deserve, but can also be deployed to give your production or event that little bit extra, in addition to their own productions.

Hinde Rachi

Keep Believing, Keep Achieving, Keep Persevering


Hinde Rachi has an impressive background as a graduated Fashion Designer and Brander, with which she has gained a wealth of experience in various sectors, including Retail, studios and hospitality. At the age of 21, she has already left her mark on the world of fashion and entrepreneurship, and has worked with names such as Mart Visser and Junelisa Asporaat.

Hinde has a tireless passion and dedication for the fashion industry and entertainment, and her heart lies in all things artistry. On top of that, she is incredibly driven and wants to succeed no matter what. She has a strong intuition and a deep-rooted knowledge of people, which is why she knows exactly how to tailor her innovative, unique concepts to the needs and desires of her customers while providing a personalized experience, which sets her apart from many others .

Dechanvey Rach

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real.

Dechanvey is a producer and the founder of FD Agency, where he aims to help young, diverse talent, making the entertainment world fairer to people from all kinds of backgrounds. With over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, with both film and theater, it can easily be said that Dechanvey knows the ins and outs of the world of entertainment. Dechanvey is someone who will go to the bitter end to get what he wants, and has proven that he will stop at nothing, even when the end seems to be near for a project.

In addition, Dechanvey graduated as a Junior Product Fashion Manager and has more than seven years of experience as a manager in the fashion industry. His experience in all these worlds ultimately culminated in the founding of the clothing company Djeans Exclusive, and the launch of a website for his production company; House of Ard.





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