Artist management agency

FD Agency, the driving force behind artist successes. We embrace creativity, forge successful paths and take careers to new heights. With drive and professionalism we create opportunities so that every artist shines and shines in the spotlight of the entertainment world.

Starting point

What is my starting point? What are the principles?

Brand values

When you start working on marketing and PR activities, it is easier to approach it from the ‘brand idea’

Target audiences

A target audience the specific group of people you want to reach with your marketing message


What do you want to communicate to your target group and stakeholders?


How will you achieve your objectives? Even more practically, what are you going to do to get from A to B?

Book artists for your event

At FD Agency we cherish the realization that choosing the right artist is crucial for the success of your event. Our experience and dedication to the profession of artist management enable us to create the perfect match between your event and a talented artist with precision and passion.

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, festival or other special moment, we offer an extensive selection of exclusive artists who excel in different genres. We advise and understand the unique needs of your event and work closely with you to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Creativity and flexibility

At FD Agency, creativity and flexibility are central to our approach to artist management. We believe that every artist is unique, which is why we adapt our strategies to maximize their potential. Whether developing innovative promotional campaigns, organizing flexible bookings that meet various requirements, or adapting our approach to the ever-changing trends in the entertainment industry, we strive for a dynamic and fresh approach. Our focus on creativity and flexibility allows us to provide custom solutions that exceed expectations and bring each artist’s artistic vision to life.

Our clients

For artists, about FD Agency

We are FD Agency, a proud part of HOUSE OF ARD since 2023. For us, collaboration is central to successful artist management. Understanding that thriving relationships with influential players in the entertainment world are crucial drives us. By entering into strategic alliances with record labels, concert organizers and other relevant partners, we create a fertile environment for the growth and visibility of our artistic talent. This approach not only strengthens the position of our artists, but also offers opportunities for mutual growth and expansion of our network. FD Agency, as a manager of actors, singers, writers and influencers, as well as a production company, ensures reliable representation and offers the versatility to enrich both in-house productions and external events.

What we do

FD Agency takes on the business and substantive management for both established and emerging media talents in the Netherlands. Our representation includes presenters, actors and online talent. With a deep-rooted passion for media and talent development, we have been having an impact on the media landscape for quite some time. We believe that traditional management no longer meets the demands of today. Passively waiting for incoming calls and processing requests is simply not enough for us.

Frequently asked questions about artist management

What exactly does an artist management agency do?
An artist management agency is responsible for managing the careers of artists. This includes negotiating contracts, planning performances and events, promoting the artist, and managing general business affairs.
How does an artist choose the right management agency?
Artists select a management agency based on experience, industry connections, reputation and the ability to understand the artist’s specific needs. It is essential that there is a good match on both a professional and personal level.
What services does an artist management agency offer?
An artist management agency offers a wide range of services, including contract negotiations, performance bookings, public relations, marketing, financial management and general career advice. They strive to support the artist in all aspects of their career.
How can I register with the Artist Management Bureau FD Agency?

Registering with FD Agency is easy. Contact us via the contact form on our website and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible for an introductory meeting.

What are the benefits of having an artist management agency?
Having an artist management agency can provide numerous benefits, such as professional advice, access to a wider network in the entertainment industry, optimizing career opportunities, and easing the business burden on the artist so they can focus on their artistic work .